Successful Santa Photo Sessions – Tips from an Atlanta Photographer

santa photo atlanta

I know it feels like months away, but I start planning my Santa Photo Sessions in Atlanta in January! Hosting a Santa Photo event is a lot of work behind the scenes, but it is so much fun. Not only does this provide an opportunity for families to create lasting memories, but it can also be a fun and festive way to spread holiday cheer and have your special clients return each year.

If you’re thinking about hosting a Santa mini photo shoot event, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Find a Location: The first step in hosting a Santa mini photo shoot event is to find a location. Ideally, this should be a space that can accommodate both Santa, 1-2 set ups (I do one family and one Santa set up), a waiting area with enough space for drinks, food, and a coloring table for littles. I rent a few spaces around Atlanta. I shoot in natural light, so huge windows, an all white space, and easy accessibility are a MUST for me.
  2. Hire a Santa: santa photo atlanta Of course, no Santa photo shoot event is complete without a Santa! If I use a new Santa, I will make a shoot months ahead to see if we are a good fit. There are many companies that train Santas so hiring a professional is extremely important. Make sure to schedule the Santa well in advance to ensure availability on the day of the event. They book out before March usually.
  3. Choose a set up. I always love simplicity so that the focus is on your children and Santa. I tend to have a tree or two, a bench, and then change it up slightly throughout the years. I always have a color theme for greenery, wall dividers, table decor, and even drink choices. Everything should blend nicely together.
  4. Plan Your Set-up and hire vendors: Once you have your location, Santa, and theme selected, it’s time to start planning the set-up. Consider the props, and decorations you’ll need to create the perfect backdrop for your photos. Make sure to test everything in advance to ensure everything is working correctly. I hire an amazing cotton candy company for little treats for the kids, I also bring in mimosas, treats, and goodie bags. Take each one of these into account for costs!!! Little things add up quickly.
  5. Advertise Your Event: Now that you’ve planned everything out, it’s time to start advertising your event. I usually start by sending a special email to my current clients and give them an early bird date that I will release the spots. This way, families secure a spot before it is open to the public. Then around June I begin to post on my social media and open the spots to new clients in June/July. Usually everything is filled up by August /September, but if not, then I will run a few adds on social Instagram and Facebook.
  6. Get ready! I always have a team of 3-5 people working with me. Everyone has a job. Food drinks, organization of families and time slots, welcoming, and of course me shooting!
  7. My actual santa photo atlanta sessions are in November. This usually gives me time to edit and deliver the photos and clients will have time to print and send their Christmas Cards! It takes me about 4-6 days to deliver galleries. Each gallery has 4-20 images and families have the option of purchasing their entire gallery for an additional cost.

Hosting a Santa mini photo shoot event can be a fun and festive way to create lasting memories for families during the holiday season. By following these tips, you’ll be able to plan and execute an event that everyone will enjoy.

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