Atlanta Baby Photographer – 5 Favorite Newborn and Sibling Posing Tips

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As an Atlanta baby photographer, every session is a unique and magical experience. However, there’s something truly special about capturing the interactions between a newborn and their older sibling. It’s a heartwarming journey of discovery as the older sibling embraces their new role, and the newborn becomes a part of their world. I do have two kids and I was an elementary school teacher, I feel like being silly, using potty words, and having fun comes second nature to me! Keep reading to see some of my favorite go to posing ideas and tips to ensure a joyful and engaging photoshoot!

Atlanta Baby Photographer Posing and Prompts Guide

If you want access to the full Posing flow, make sure to grab a copy of our Posing and Prompts Guide! Here are some of my faves that you can also see if the photos!!

My Go To Prompts to make kids smile and cooperate.

Potty words! Yes, I know, it is horrible but the second you say “don’t say…. poop” to a 3 year old, they can’t help but smile, the real natural smile! Usually during the family pose, I’ll ask them if they change the baby’s poopy diapers, if they are stinky…. etc. haha

Classic “Don’t smile”. We play a game where who ever smiles first has to change baby’s diaper… parents have to play too to make the sibling enjoy it more! To stretch it out, say “I see those teeth… no teeth!!, nooo smiling!” I am usually acting silly during this time.

Get on Their Level: Physically lower yourself to the child’s eye level, whether by kneeling or sitting. This perspective creates a more intimate connection and helps the child feel less intimidated by the camera. It also allows you to capture their expressions more effectively and the angle is great!

Be Patient and Observant: Kids can be unpredictable, and their moods may change rapidly. Stay patient and observant, allowing them to express themselves naturally. Be ready to capture spontaneous moments when they occur, as these often result in the most authentic smiles.

Safety: This one is HUGE. In some photos, I will lay a wrapped baby on the sibling’s lap. I always have a pillow under the head if the sibling is very young. I always have one parent 3-4 inches away from the baby just in case the sibling is done before we get the baby out. Finally, before I put baby in the siblings arms, I always talk them through it. ” I’m going to put baby sister in your lap, if you want me to take her off and you’re all done, please tell me first so I can taker her off safely. ok?”

Build a Connection: Establish a rapport with the child before the photoshoot begins. Engage in friendly conversation, ask about their interests, and make an effort to connect on a personal level. This connection will help them feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. As an Atlanta baby Photographer – I always spend 3-5 minutes at the beginning just chatting with the siblings!

Use Props and Toys: Bring along neutral and age-appropriate props or toys to the photoshoot. These can serve as distractions, keeping the child engaged and creating opportunities for genuine smiles as they interact with the items. Bubbles, a fluffy wand for tickles, a rattle, wooden car, and I also have a little monkey around the lens of my camera that dances.

Atlanta Baby Photographer – Posing Ideas with Siblings

You can see all some of my favorites that we included in this session. I try to build on each pose. I have a few with just sibling and baby. Then If mom is holding baby, I’ll add on the sibling behind mom, then on the lap, then add the other parent in as well. This way we can get lots of variety without moving the baby too much! Moving around and getting different angles of the same pose is always helpful as well!

You can also find more poses and styles in my portfolio!

With Atlanta Baby Photographer, sessions with older siblings are a treasure trove of magical moments waiting to be captured. As a photographer, embrace the spontaneity, emotions, and interactions that unfold during these sessions. By incorporating thoughtful poses, interactive props, and a touch of creativity, we not only document the beginning of a new chapter for the family but also create timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

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