3 Tips for your In Home Newborn Photography Session

in home newborn photography

As a parent, you understand that the first few weeks with a newborn are filled with magical moments that you want to cherish forever. What better way to capture these precious memories than with an in home newborn photography session? If you have a toddler in the mix, the challenge can be even more exciting. Here are my 5 tips for creating stunning portraits that beautifully encapsulate the love and joy of your growing family!

1. Choosing the right outfits for your in home newborn photography session.

Opt for soft, comfortable fabrics that allow for easy movement, as you’ll want to capture natural interactions. I will send over ideas and link suggestions for everyone in the family. For newborns, consider simple onesies from Baby Braithwaite and I will bring neutral swaddles that showcase their tiny features. Toddlers, on the other hand, can wear their favorite cozy clothes to ensure they feel at ease during the session. Coordinating color schemes can also add a polished and cohesive look to your portraits. I love light and bright neutral colors with a pop! Even adding in a little texture and pattern if done the right way is perfect! Plan ahead… don’t leave this for the night before!!

2. Patience is Key!

Working with both a newborn and a toddler requires patience. We always allow for breaks and be flexible with the schedule to accommodate the needs of your little ones. We will capture the in-between moments, as these often turn out to be the most genuine and heartwarming shots. A patient and relaxed atmosphere will contribute to a positive experience for everyone involved, resulting in portraits that reflect the true essence of your family. Let them play. We want to stay far away from getting upset with your toddler. I try to make everything a game and even asking your toddler to help me take the photos makes the experience special for them.

3. Locations and Lighting

When I come into your home, I will usually have you walk me around so I can find the best locations for lighting. Sometimes we even spend time in hallways or nooks that you would never think of! We use the nursery, master bedroom, living room and other little spots. What if your home doesn’t have great natural light? I will bring my lighting equipment in case we need it, so don’t worry!! It always helps to open up the windows and declutter a little bit before I arrive and then we can get started!

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