3 Reasons to Book an Atlanta Motherhood Session

atlanta motherhood session

Why book a family session with older children?

Maternity, Newborn, and 1 year! We hear about these all the time. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE them. It is so special to capture such a sweet and new moment in a family’s life, but what about the older kids? I have 3 great reasons on why you cannot miss out on an Atlanta Motherhood Session this year!

1-   Are my kids too old for an Atlanta Motherhood session?

  Yes, your babies are bigger now, and their personalities are bigger than ever. Their love for you is stronger than ever. We want to capture that! Kids up to age 18… and beyond… they have their own little quirks, jokes, and styles that you want to document before they grow up even more. It goes fast with school events, soccer games, and playdates – slow time down a bit. Things are changing constantly and being able to document those details and have them preserved is a real gift for the future.

2-  They NEED photos with their mom.

(and dad of course) The will treasure these photos for a lifetime. In this digital age, our phones are filled with screenshots, quick shots of important moments, and most of them do not include YOU, Mama. Get in those photos. Give yourself an extra reason to dress up with your family, get your make up and hair done, and enjoy. I still look back at my childhood photos and I adore the photos with my mom. Seeing her where I am today really gets my emotions going.

3-  Self Esteem 

Most importantly, it is proven that children who see themselves in family portraits boosts their self esteem, teaches them family values and that they are a part of a legacy, and reminds them where they belong and where they will always be loved.

atlanta motherhood session
atlanta motherhood session
atlanta motherhood session

I hope to see you soon at our Atlanta Motherhood Session this year.

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