Newborn Photography Atlanta – 5 Best Baby Sleep Tips that saved me!

Newborn Photography Atlanta

There are so many theories and best practices on how to get your baby to sleep for naps and through the night. Before I had kids, I used very simple small tricks to get babies sleeping during a newborn session…. and our goal is for them to sleep the majority if not the whole session. I have done Newborn Photography in Atlanta for over 8 years and love every second of it and learn something new all the time.

Before I had my own kids

I would always swaddle first. I’ve heard so many parents tell me that their baby hates being swaddled, but it is all about how cuddled and secure they feel. If you baby is fed and comfortable, we are set to start. I hold them on the side and on my hand and forearm. Then, rocked and talked softly. We always put white noise in the background as well with a little “sh sh shhhhhh.” Letting them get tired works best! They do need to have awake time, so just plan accordingly. Some open eyed photos are a great add on to the gallery. Of course, I was there for 2 hours and not for each nap and night time, so I did not have much to go on. But for what I needed, it worked wonders!!

After I had kids

100 different ideas were thrown at me. Moms on Call, Taking Cara Babies… I was overwhelmed. My daughter and I were thrown for a loop. She cried CONSTANTLY. Something was wrong but her pediatrician and I couldn’t figure it out. I was breastfeeding then tried the elimination diet, then formula and nothing. We were miserable and I was right there in the deep of postpartum depression. Doctors said it was colic and normal and that I was stressing too much, but my baby didn’t smile. She would clench both fists constantly. It was heartbreaking to watch and know that something was not right. At 2 months, we were in Argentina and I went to a pharmacy in my broken Spanish and begged for them to give me a formula just to try something different. The woman took my to a box translated Hypoallergenic Hydrolyzed formula. I had no idea what this was. I researched that the particles and milk protein were so broken down that the body didn’t need to break it down. My baby smiled 2 days later. She stopped screaming.

Getting back home to Atlanta

I found Hipp PRE HA Formula from Germany and then ordered from them for 15 months after. Every situation is different but I thought breastmilk would be best for my baby. I had so much of it!! We didn’t get to focus much on sleep until she was 6 months old. We did a good mixture of Moms on Call at the younger ages and it worked well most months. Years later after we had our son, the sleep for both took a turn downward when we came home from a long vacation. I ended up contacting Sleep Baby Consulting and Ensley helped get both kids on a schedule and sleeping without tears. It wasn’t a one step easy process. She gave me tips for what to do during the day, what to say, how to approach this new sleep idea and it worked so well! I am forever grateful to her!

After both kids

I now am loving each moment I get with my newborn clients. Specializing in Newborn Photography Atlanta, I I know what you mamas are going through and I know it is not easy!! Aside from photography, please know that I am always help if you need to talk!

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